I had a dream which featured two eggs. One egg when I cracked it, was more mature than I had anticipated. Out of it came a grey-feathered chick, and I registered surprise as it emerged tentatively, awkwardly from its confinement, very much alive. I opened another egg, expecting the same thing to occur and staging the event for its success in proximity to the sky and trees which the little chick would most appreciate. Unfortunately, the egg contained a premature bird, whose rather disproportionately large and pinkish un-feathered head snapped off from the spindly neck that had barely attached it to the embryonic body. I was so horrified at my mistake, that I couldn't open the egg all the way, and left it on the table, turning my own head to avoid the sight, which disgusted me, and in so doing refusing to verify, what was really, upon reflection, only a suspicion that I had killed it.