Because all efforts miss their mark, fall short, fail—and still there must be something to do, which is to say, there is nothing better to do than this, than to try, than to try anyway. Not in spite of, but because of. I know I will never get it, do it, make it, finish it, be it. And fortuitously, not being it, is exactly the place of productivity. Filling the empty placeholder of the "it" provisionally with something—with anything, and then clearing it out, on finding it lacking, a bad fit, wrong, and preserving the motile vacuum of the empty square.

Gilles Deleuze writes in The Logic of Sense that, "there is no structure without the empty square, which makes everything function." This particular figure of absence, the "container object," underwrites a substitutional strategy wherein one instance of its content is replaced by another within a serial chain. The idea of containment is transformed into a vehicle for traversal; emptiness is made to work as a machine. — The Container Object as a Structure of Concept and Computation

This, in Deleuze's formulation, is thinking itself, the traversal of multiple series by an aleatory point. This is also, as I have written about elsewhere, the structure of computation and of language, of love and of sex. Here it is the structure of a writing, an entering into the life of the machine as a homology with those structures: writing as thinking, as love, as sex, as work.